• Onsite Door Touch Up and Repair
Our training at Mohawk included repairing dents, garages,
deep scratches, burn marks, broken corners, and edges.

• Spec Writing
Our specification writers are specialists in the field and
qualified to help architects and general contractors. With
our experience, we can design a hardware specification
based on your requirements and ensure they meet all
building, fire, ADA and life-safety codes.

• Onsite Welding
Field welding to modify or repair hollow metal doors and

• Annual Door Inspection
Based on NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other
Opening Protectives (2007 Edition), documented
inspections for fire-rated door assemblies are now
required on an annual basis.

• Access Division
Our inspectors are fully AAADM trained and certified in
accordance with all applicable AAADM automatic
pedestrian door-installation standards as well as ANSI
156.10 guidelines. We not only sell automatic doors,
we also install, inspect, and service them.