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Not only have we beautifully landscaped the front of our building
by adding a waterscape, we integrated a system that captures
and stores rain water. By utilizing rainwater to maintain our
landscaping, we reduced the strain on our municipal water

Minton Door Company has also purchased two hybrid vehicles
for company use. Project managers are encouraged to use
the hybrid vehicles for all company related travel.

All our work deliveries are by fuel efficient diesel trucks.

Keeping current with today’s complex environmental issues
is one of our main concerns. Minton Door Company has
proactively pursued solutions to improve the environment.

Minton Door Company has been awarded Forest Stewardship
Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification. Being a
certified distributor can help contribute toward valuable
green building credits for the LEED (Leadership in Energy
and Environmental Design) program as well as other
environmental building programs.
The Forest Stewardship Council® is an independent, non-profit
organization that promotes reasonable and responsible
management of the world's forests. Please ask about our FSC® products or visit their website to learn more
FSC® Certification# SCS-COC-001892

Our roof has new solar panels installed to maximize the
use of renewable energy. Solar Energy is clean, breath-
takingly abundant, and is a reasonable resource to meet
much of the world's energy needs